Dreamy melancholy and large aural spheres wrapped in a good catchy melody.

On the basis of echo-plated guitar string passages you’ll find in the center the strong lead singer,

Troels Andreasen, perfecktly matched voice, as he takes you through a sensitive

lyrical universe wrapped in grandiose vocal performance.

The audience will meet a fervency and nerve, you'll never forget - but not least, well-rounded

songs focusing on the good melody.


Divided By Numbers / Facebook


BLUE MINDS : Indie PopRock

With music that builds up emotions and feelings, centered around songs about love and youth life.

Blue Minds mixes pop, melody and meancholy. Songs builds up from narrow and simplicity to explosion.

Always with the good melodic guitars that wraps up the center of Tobias fragile and heartfelt voice.


Blue Minds / Facebook


ESCAPE 42 : Pop/Rock


ESCAPE 42 plays a hybrid of rock-pop with epic grandiose chrous lines and lots of melody.

The music is build up on great hooklines, emotions and feelings, with a band that delivers a modern rock with lots of intensity, atmosphere and dynamics.


Escape 42 / Facebook


EMBRYO : Heavy Rock / Stoner


This powerful Embryo you’ll find in the borderlands between doom, sludge, stoner and heavy rock.

And they walk this fine hybrid with lots of experience on each instruments, and always with the mind set on the good melodic tunes with a strong chorus. You’ll find yourself drawn into their universe by a powerful lead vocal, backed up by a tight, playful and improvising band.

Simply a rock feast without a doubt.


Embryo / Facebook



POWER MODE : Punk-Rock/Ska-Reggae


This 4 piece band is young, fierce and without any worries in life. They just play the music they all

like and worship, and it’s all done with enormous energy. When you experience power Mode you just can’t help smiling…raw and untamed music for the young and restless, punk energy mixed with lovely Reggae rhythm and pop melody.


Power Mode / Facebook


DIONESIA : Progressive/ Melodic/ Rock


Centred around a very strong vocal performance, you’ll find a tight and wellplayed rockband.

The universe of Dionesia will draw you in, and won’t let go of you again.

Rock music played with feel, power and emotions, that will leave you thrilled but also curious!

Tunes with big and low tuned guitar riffs, spanning over emotional and melancholic melodies, that captures the audience wanting more. Dionesia don’t play pop tunes, and are not afraid to let the songs go way over the limit pop-tune

length of 3,5 min.


Dionesia / Facebook




The Rapper and Hip Hop artist HÆNGE, Raps his hymnes out in his native language Danish.

He Raps about things that surrounds him in life, the friends, the girls, the drugs, the party and everything in between.

Despite his young age there is nothing young about his experiences, with explit lyrics he tells his stories backed up by heavy beats and basy lines, that make you think of the american west coast rappers.


HÆNGE / Facebook


AMBIENT NORDIC SONGS : Electronic / Ambient


The soundscape of the nordic winter is here captured, in a fragile state of emotions. The songs are very authentic, and the stories reflects on emotions of the cold Nonth. The beautiful voice is song by the norwegien singer Synnøve Rognlien. The music are written, composed and performed by Henrik Koitch and Søren Svensson, both danish hardworking musicians known from a wide variety of musical projects.




RETRO FUTURE : Soul / RnB / Motown


If you’re into old-school soul RnB you are into the "Retro Future”.We look back in time with a contemporary approach Retro Future started as a collaboration between brothers Dennis and Louis Bilici. Striving towards making the kind of music they grew up with, they wish to reignite some of the qualities of old soul, R'n'B, and pop music

and incooperate it into a new sound of their own.


Retro Future / Facebook




Reckless and extroverted are just a few of the words that describe Hiroshima Seven. Catchy tunes, good guitar riffing and hard-hitting in-your-face Rock’n’roll..!

Put the pedal to the metal and you’ll find rock with roots deeply placed in the seventies rock scene with a additions from the 80’s stadium rock acts to modern hard rock of today.


Hiroshima Seven / Facebook


Jesper Søndermark : Folk pop / Singer-song-writer


With a sublime divine and crispy voice Jesper captures his audience. With his lyrical universe and songs of fate and devotion, you’ll be mesmerised within his voice.

His style will lead your thoughts to singer/songerwriters such as Ray Lamontagne, James Morrison

and Newton Faulkner which among others are his own personal favourite musicians.


Jesper Søndermark / Facebook


Clonecircle : Industrial / Gothic / Metal


The universe of Clonecircle combines elements of cold industrial beats, gothic decay, structural synth and massive guitars into a powerful metal hybrid.The merging of opposite states and expressions is a major ingredient of the soundscape.The sound scape of Clonecircle is a hard hitting hybrid of gothic darkness, industrial cynicism and fierce metal centered on the rock band, the song writing and melody, but surrounded, crossed and pierced by electronic elements that supports both the aggressive and melancolic moods of the music.


Clonecircle / Facebook