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BLUE MINDS in Emergenza DK semifinale (07-05-2018)

The young pop-rock group has done great in the world wide EMERGENZA bands competition, and they will play at the danish semifinalesat TRAIN, the 18th og May.

So come and help the group to their way to the danish finales, with the aim to win that as well, so we can see BLUE MINDS in the EMERGENZA finale one day.




Midwinter Meltdown Reviews (14-02-2018)

The festival was a huge succes and we were very glad and proud of this year edition. there are several good reviews around facebook etc. But heres a good one in english. Thank to for that, and See you next year.

EMBRYO new single release (10-02-2018)

Great new single from Stoner-Heavy-Rockers EMBRYO. this time a hard hitting in-your-face track that shows the more Heavy side of  EMBRYO. Still it's definitely in the style of the band, and just gives a more colourful and up-tempo version of EMBRYO.

Check it out on your favourite streaming and download service.

Itunes , Spotify, Amazon

PRONTO reissue from 1987 (18-12-2017)

On the 30th anniversary of the great album "Come see me play" by PRONTO, we will release the remastered version of the album , which have only been available on vinyl until now. The digital  release is set to be 31th og december, on the last day of 2017, you can from the 24th of december pre-order the album on Itunes.

Listen at Spotify

Buy It at Amazon

Buy it at Itunes

Check out the band right here


The tickets are now on sale for Midwinter Meltdown 2018, 10th of February in Randers/Denmark. the line-up is a heavy Metal-blast-party that will leave you breathless.

EVIL INVADERS, THE SIXPOUNDER, LIVLØS, GHOST IRIS, EMBRYO, FEARS UNFOLDING. Check out the trailer and buy your tickets now.

TICKETS , facebook,

JEROME Reissue from 1996 (04-12-2017)

This danish electro rock EP is an reissue from the original CD released in 1996, which only was released  in a very limited edition. The power rock is blended with appecio keyboards, which at this time in Denmark was at very new mixture. The 4-track EP was the only official release from the band, which also made a few demos, and JEROME stopped i 1998.

Check it out right here: Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google play

Ny musik video med HÆNGE (19-11-2017)

"Passer ik'" er det nye single udspil fra danske hip hopper HÆNGE, og der er netop offentligjort denne fede musik video til nummeret. Tjek det ud her, og tjek HÆNGE ud på din yndlings streamings tjenste.

NASTY HOBBIT Album ude nu (01-10-2017)

Prog-Blues-Rockers NASTY HOBBIT have released their first album, which consists of mostly covers of their idols, but also a few of their own originals songs "A Picture" and "Misguided". The bands who features key members of local Cult-heavy-rock band MIRAGE, plays with feel and authentic rock as it have been played for decades. Check them out on your favourite digital streaming and download services.

Spotify , Itunes , Facebook

POWER MODE back in the studio (18-09-2017)

This winter Punk-Rockers POWER MODE will again enter the Popshit Studio to record their second EP, after release og 2 singles and their debut EP and Music video promo clips, we are ready to enter the next face of the band, and were looking forward to precent the new songs to the spring of 2018. Meanwhile stay tuned to their facebook and youtbe channels.

Youtube , Facebook, spotify, itunes

BLUE MINDS VINDER af Von Hatten Prisen 2017(17-09-2017)

Efter en helt igennem fantastisk finale blev det BLUE MINDS som dommerne stemte som vinder af Von Hatten Prisen 2017, Popshit Records ønsker vores nyeste band BLUE MINDS kæmpe tilykke med prisen, og ser frem til en single indspilning og udgivelse i nær fremtid.

Lyt til Blue Minds på spotify, Itunes

Se billeder fra hele arrangementet her

Von Hatten Prisen bands er fundet (14-08-2017)

De 8 bands er nu fundet til Von hatten Prisen 2017, og semifinalerne kører af stablen d. 8 & 9 September, hvor de blir fundet 4 bands der går videre til Finalen, der afholdes d. 16 september.

Alle bands spiller et LIVE sæt på 30 min, og bedømmes af et dommer panel, samt af publikums stemmer.

Første præmien er bla. Studie tid i Popshit Studio samt udgivelse via Popshit records.

Tjek mere ud på Facebook.

Today we release HÆNGEs Debut album (26-07-2017)

Check out this cool young rapper HÆNGE, his debut album "Vikinginstinkt" is now available as digital streaming and download worldwide. He raps in his native language Danish, and do it with an awesome style and timing, so you cannot hear that he's in fact only 17 years old.

Be amazed go check his album out now.

Spotify, ItunesGoogle play

"Find Yourself" from Blue Minds is out now (06-07-2017)

Today we have released the debut EP from danish Indie Pop-Rockers  BLUE MINDS.

The EP is now available on all digital platforms so give them a visit on your favourite streaming service.

Itunes ,SpotifyAmazon , Googleplay

BLUE MINDS debut EP out soon (30-06-2017)

We have now finished the debut EP from Inde-Pop-Rockers BLUE MINDS, and we are so excited to present their work in the near future. The EP is called "Find Yourself" and consist of 4 tracks, the title track "Find Yourself", "Every Part of me", "Sound of love" and "Too Weak for love". The 4 songs builds up emotions and feelings, centered around songs about love and youth life, and  mixes pop, melody and meancholy.

The EP will very soon be available on all digital platforms Spotify, Amazon, youSee, Itunes etc.

In the meantime check the band out on their Facebook page.

Von Hatten Prisen 2017 (29-06-2017)

Once again POPSHIT RECORDS are joining forces with the underground musiclife in Randers. The music band competition "Vonhatten Prisen" is a joint venture of local firms and the venue Café Von Hatten. Popshit Records is giving Studio time and a single release to the winning band. The competition is scheduled to the dates 8-9/9 and 16/9 for the final. Any band i DK can right now apply to participate on the webformular at: , so sorry up at join in with your band right now.

BLUE MINDS in the studio (19-05-2017)

The last weekend in May our newest signing on Popshit records will enter the studio to record the debut EP and singles. The band is one of the new interesting Pop-Rock bands from the underground of Randers. The youngsters play a soulfull mixture of Pop and Rock, and are influenced by many different genres, but they have  created their own unique style, and we are looking forward in presenting their music in the near future.

In the mean time you can visit their facebook here.


DOWN PAYMENT out now (13-04-2017)

Down Payments album "In The Mood" are out now as digital download & Streaming.

The album is recorded in 1993 with Michael Bundesen af producer, the record sadly never got was released at the time, but now it's ReMastered and put out world wide, with additional bonus tracks.

The style is Melodic Heavy Rock and draws upon the 80's biggest heavy Metal stars as Whitesnake, Scorpions, AC/DC etc.

Check it out right here:





We are working on reissues (17-03-2017)

POPSHIT RECORDS are working hard on getting some interesting reissues from cool rock bands, that needs to be digitized and remastered, and be presented to the world. The bands that are in the pipeline ar DOWN PAYMENT, BERKENSTOX, LA BONDAGE, MUFF, MIRAGE  and PRONTO.

We are very exited by the quality of the original recordings, and were optimizing the sound for digital releases coming abroad soon.

Randers støtter Danmarks Indsamling! (27-01-2017)

POPSHIT RECORDS are proud of being a part of this great event, where we will raise money to help children in need all around the world. A lot of bands are getting together and are playing for free at this event, so join up and be a part of making a difference!




We at Popshit Records are participanting in making this great event possible, with a line-up of the super-liga in HEAVY METAL from Denmark. This event takes place at TURBINEN in Randers/Denmark at the 11th of feburary, so don't miss out the opportunity to hear some GREAT METAL from DENMARK. Local headliner is of course our very own PREVAIL, and are playing alongside headliner acts of ILLDISPOSED, HATESPHERE and RISING.

Buy your tickets here: TURBINEN

Check out on facebook

EMBRYO Live in rehearsal out now! (01-12-2016)

The mighty stoner-rockers from EMBRYO did a rehearsal video showcase of 3 songs, and the result was fantastic, so we decided to also release the 3 tracks as digital download and streaming.

Check them out here:

Spotify, Itunes, Amazon or see the video here:


POWER MODE single "Here They Come" out! (30-11-2016)

The second single release from POWER MODE this month is a real killer-punk-rock-track, witch draws deeply to references to pioner bands like Sex Pistols, Ramones etc. You have the aggressive guitar riffing but also the melodic verse/chrous. A track that will make you sing-a-long on the catchy chorus "Here They Come"...

Check it out at SPOTIFY , ITUNES, Amazon

Reality Bites reissue from 1994, out now! (23-11-2016)

Today we release the reissue from Hard Rockers "REALITY BITES", a band that exited from 1989 to 1996, and played melodic Hard Rock with lots of 70's and 80'n influence. The first few years the band went under the name "SLINGER", but changed the name to "REALITY BITES". This album is taken from the 1994 EP, and some rare tracks from demotapes, all ReMastered for this digital release.

Check them out at AMAZON or ITUNES. or Spotify

Dionesia EP bitter/sweet out now (19-11-2016)

The debut EP from our new signing DIONESIA is released today, and were having the release party at the local rock club Café Von hatten, in their hometown Randers. The EP shows a band that really doesn't go the easy way, and dares to challenge the pop-rock-formular. The EP is a progressive rock opus that will blow your mind, with it's yet melodic rock, but also with so much more.


POWER MODE single "Love Song" (12-11-2016)

New single release from POWER MODE "Love Song" is a real kick-ass punk song, that builds on the more traditional 70's punk vibe, and is indeed a powerfull lovesong, with a beautiful front cover!

Check it out at SpotifyItunesAmazon

November releases from Popshit Records! (11-11-2016)

We are talking about a real “November Rain” of releases this year.

5 releases in one month! Starting this saturday Nov 12th, with a single release from

POWER MODE - “Love Song”, a real kickAss punkrockin lovesong.

And Nov 19th it’s time for our new signing DIONESIA, to release their debut EP: bitter/sweet.

A rock opus of progressive rock that blows your mind away.

Nov 23th we have a Reissues release of REALITY BITES album from the mid 90’s, a Hard Rock and melodic Heavy Metal album called “Slinger”.

Nov 30th we have the second single release from POWER MODE, “Here They Come”, which is yet another Punk-rock song with a catchy chorus, that just wont leave you.

And finally on Dec 1th we release a !live” EP from stoner rockers EMBRYO, 3 song recorded live in their rehearsal, 2 new and one from their debut EP.

Check out Power Mode teaser here

Check out DIONESIA Teaser here

New single release from ESCAPE 42 (28-10-2016)

"Break The Silence" is out now on all digital streaming and download services.

The track is yet once again a powerfull pop-rock hybrid, with a strong and melodic chorus, that just won't leave you. Check it out at spotify, Itunes, Amazon or any of your preferred streaming services.


Out now the reissue EP from SHEILA TEQUILA (21-10-2016)

Sheila Tequila is a funk-rock band that existed a few years, and started out in the year 1989, were they were featured on a CD compilation called “Randers i Rytme”, with the two tracks “Living Lies” and “Red Riding Hood”. For this reissue EP we found two never before released tracks, and made it a 4 tracks EP. Check out the funky-Rock tunes with lots of melody, catchy chorus and the complex musicality! Out now as digital streaming and download!

SHEILA TEQUILA: Spotify, Itunes, amazon

Today we release Ambient Nordic Songs (07-10-2016)

Ambient Nordic Songs EP and Single are now available on all digital streaming and download platforms.The music reflects the soundscape of the nordic winter, and is a collaboration between Norwegian singer and composer Synnøve Rognlien, and danish songwriter and composer team, Henrik Koitz and Søren Svensson.

Check it out now on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon or your preferred streaming service.

GONE APRIL "Lost In Time" Out now (29-09-2016)

The reissue of Gone April's 1999 album "Lost In Time"  is now available for the first time on digital platforms and streaming services world wide. Take a tour "Back in Time" and experience the groovy and melodic ROCK, from a band that was dedicated to play, but never got the airplay they deserved.



New signing : Welcome DIONESIA (27-09-2016)

Popshit Records are proud to welcome Proggresive Rockers : DIONESIA! And first release will be a 5 track EP, which will be released on the 19th of November, on digitale platforms and a small amount on CD.

The band are centred around a very strong vocal performance, and behind you’ll find a tight and wellplayed rockband. The universe of Dionesia will draw you in, and won’t let go of you again.

Rock music played with feel, power and emotions, that will leave you thrilled but also curious!

Visit the band on facebook here:

Dionesia on facebook

SPIT reissue album "Full House" out now (01-09-2016)

SPIT recorded their debut EP in 1996, and were only put out as a 3 track CD in a very limited edition.

Popshit have remastered the EP with 3 additional bonus tracks, for digital release and streaming, and named the mini album “Full House”. The band plays melodic heavy rock, with lots of guitar based riffs and solo parts.

The album cover is a press photo from 1996, and is featured by a young Lina Rafn  (know as leadsinger from "Infernal", and as X-Factor DK judge).

Check the album out here:




Embryo "Eclipse" Ep out now (25-08-2016)

The mighty Heavy-stoner-rockers in EMBRYO, have done yeat another great EP called "Eclipse", and are now out on all digital and streaming platforms. The EP features 4 tracks "Blurry frames ", "Wounds", "The ballad of Harriet" and the title track "Eclipse". Here the band reveals new sides of their music, and you'll get more dragged into their universe.

A limited 100 prints will be avaible on CD as well, only sold from the groups facebook page.




Escape 42 new single release (16-08-2016)

Finally we are ready to release the new single "Lifeline" from power-pop-rockers ESCAPE 42, the single is recorded and produced at our inhouse studio, but the mastering was done at the legendary ABBY ROAD STUDIOS. The single is yet again a powerfull pop-rock anthem, with a big and strong radio friendly chorus and will be available for digital download and streaming at the 18th of August.

The artwork for the single can be seen here, and check out the band on spotify, Itunes, Amazon etc.

Escape 42 at Spotify

Escape 42 at Itunes

Escape 42 at Amazon

Summer release plan of reissues (06-07-2016)

At Popshit Records we have been busy preparing a bounce of reissues for release this summer.

The bands we have made deals with so far is SPIT, GONE APRIL and CHEILA TEQUILA!

First up is the release of SPIT, which recorded their debut EP in 1996, and were only put out as a 3 track CD in a very limited edition.

Popshit have remastered the EP with 3 additional bonus tracks, for digital release and streaming, and named the mini album “Full House”. The album cover is a press photo from 1996, and is featured by a young Lina Rafn  (know as leadsinger from Infernal and X-Factor judge)

The band plays a crossover between Hard rock to glam rock and heavy.

Soon the album will be available as digital download and streaming.

Recording Escape 42 single (14-04-2016)

At the moment were recording and mixing the 2 new singles from Escape 42, at Popshit Studio.

The new songs sound amazing, at we are thrilled to be announcing the release later this summer.

Escape 42

Popshit Studio update (07-03-2016)

The last month we have spend moving our facilities to a new place, were still in our hometown Randers, but have gotten much more room and a much better studio facilities.

So now our studio has been updated with the latest technology and super cooll studio hardware.

A new super computer and great new Universal Audio hardware.

This week were recording our first session at our new home, an were exited to be welcoming POWER MODE.

Escape 42 featured on Danish Rock Radio (19-02-2016)

The coolest web rock radio, DANISH ROCK RADIO, has now added ESCAPE 42 to the playlist, check the review and read the interview!

Again a big thanx to Dan Bortz and DRR, you ROCK man!!!

Check out their page right here:

Escape 42 : Danish Rock Radio

Power Mode Tour video (10-01-2016)

Punk Rockers POWER MODE, had a blast of a eastern europerean tyou, and here you can have a look at some of their experiences, in the music video clip for the track: Young At Heart!

Check it out right here:

Young At Heart Video

Buy or stream "Out of the Cold" (01-12-2015)

Divided By Numbers releases their  new single "Out Of The Cold". The track takes the band to a new level of soundscape, with more melody, feel and poetry.

The single is recorded and mixed at Popshit Studio in the home town Randers, with producer Morten Madsen (Clonecircle, Xantom, Hiroshima Seven mfl.). Vocal coach and co producer was handled by Dan Hougesen (The Blue Van, Dúné etc.)  And keys was recorded by Jørgen Holmegaard (Marie Frank)

The mastering was done at the legendary ABBY ROAD STUDIOS by engineer

Andy Walter, and adds a beautiful analog feel, good dynamic bas and crisp!

"Out of the Cold" at iTunes

"Out of the Cold" at Spotify

"Out of the Cold" at Amazon

Divided By Numbers new single release (06-11-2015)

We are glad to announce that we have just finished the mixing of the new single "Out Of The Cold", which is now send to mastering at the legendary ABBY ROAD STUDIOS. So within the next two weeks we will release the single for digital download and streaming.

The single track "Out Of The Cold" takes Divided By Numbers to a new level of chorus friendly songs, and are a melodic strong tune with a touch of melancholic.

The artwork for the single can be seen here, and stay tuned for more updates.


Power Mode eastern europe Tour (30-10-2015)

Be sure to catch a show when Power Mode kick-off on their eastern europe tour, spanning from november 11th to 21th.The powerful fourpice will hit the road and play 10 concerts in eastern europe, so if you're in the neigerborhood, check out the dates here:

Power Mode at Facebook

Power Mode at Itunes

Power Mode at Spotify

Vonhatten Prisen The finale (14-10-2015)

Popshit Records and Popshit Studio are the grand prize at Vonhatten Prisen 2015, and the winner will get a recording of one single, and a digital worldwide distribution of the single.

The event will take place this saturday d. 17th of October at Café Von Hatten, Randers/Denmark.

And we are looking forward to work with the winner.

The following 4 bands are in the finale:


May the best band win, and hope to see you at the event.

Escape 42 "Only a Matter Of Time" EP! (22-08-2015)

Now the debut EP is out on all platforms, so check it out on Itunes, Apple Music, Amazon Spotify etc.


Apple Music



Escape 42 EP release! (15-08-2015)

Finally the debut 5 track EP "Only a Matter Of Time" will be released on 22th of August, and you are all invited to join the celebration at Café Von Hatten, Randers Denmark. The EP will be on CD print and digital. At the event there also will be 2 other "Live" acts DAYCARE FOR JEDI and KALIK, and of course ESCAPE 42 will give you a small live set as well. See you there.

Join the event here

Escape 42 second single release! (23-07-2015)

ESCAPE 42 second single release “Make The Night Count” from the forthcomming EP,  is now available as digital download and streaming.

Again we hear the powerfull pop-Rock-mix with lots of good melody and hook line.

Check it out right here:

Make The Night Count at iTunes

Make The Night Count  at SPOTIFY

Escape 42 debut single release! (19-06-2015)

Popshit Records are proud to announce the new debut single from ESCAPE 42 “Only a Matter Of Time”, now is available as digital download and streaming.

The song is a powerful rock and pop song, with a very catzy hook line, that just makes you wanna hear it over and over again.

Check it out right here:

Only a Matter Of Time at iTunes

Only a Matter Of Time at SPOTIFY

Only a Matter Of Time at AMAZON

Divided By Numbers Video online! (11-06-2015)

New video from Stereo Studio instore event is online, check out this small intimate live performance, where they also reveal a new track called "Open Space".

Also the band will enter Popshit Studio to record a new 2-track single to be relesead this summer!

Von Hatten Prisen 2015! (28-05-2015)

Popshit Records & Popshit Studio are now official sponsors for the band competition Von Hatten Prisen 2015, where the main price is Studio time recording an single release on Popshit Records.

The competition is only for bands from Denmark, and are held 2,3 and 17 Oct 2015.

Bands who wants to enter the competition should go to and sign up.

Check out the cool video spot here:

Divided By Numbers live i Stereo Studio! (22-05-2015)

Divided By Numbers spiller til OPEN BY NIGHT i STEREO STUDIO Randers, Fredag d. 29 Maj kl 20 & 21.00! Mød bandet til en lille intim akustisk musik oplevelse, og køb deres nye anmelderroste EP!

ESCAPE 42 starts recording EP! (23-03-2015)

Popshit Records are proud to welcome ESCAPE 42 to the rooster, and

we have just begun recording their debut 4 track EP.

ESCAPE 42 plays a hybrid of rock-pop with epic grandiose chrous lines and lots of melody.

The music is build up on great hooklines, emotions and feelings, with a band that delivers a modern rock with lots of intensity, atmosphere and dynamics.

Were looking forward to presenting Escape 42 to the world.

Release date is not set yet, but will be around springtime 2015.

Escape 42 at Facebook

Power Mode EP OUT NOW! (19-03-2015)

So go to Itunes, Spotify, Amazon or any other of your favorite stream provider, and listen to the awesome 5 track EP!

Power Mode at ITUNES.

Power Mode at Spotify

Power Mode at Facebook

Power Mode EP release! (09-03-2015)

Popshit Records are proud to announce that the awesome fourpice-punk-rockers POWER MODE are ready to release their debut-EP, available as CD and as digital download and streaming. The release party is set to the 20th of march at

Café Von Hatten, Randers, Denmark, where they will play a headliner set, with other local badassrockers BIRDSTRIKE. Everyone is welcome to join  the party.

The 5 powerful tracks on the EP is all  recorded at Popshit Studio, mixed and mastered by

Morten Madsen, and the tracks are as follows:

Sk8 Or Die, For The People, Young At Heart, Hey Ho I Don't Know, Kill The Tension.

Divided By Numbers on Danish Rock Radio! (05-03-2015)

Danish Rock radio is a web radio devoted to play and promote Danish rock artists worldwide.

And Divided By Numbers are now on the playlist, and read a cool review amongst other good stuff such as interview, biography etc. Go check it out.

Divided By Numbers at Danish Rock Radio

EMBRYO conquers Denmark in 2015! (25-02-2015)

Firstly the great EMBRYO has gone to the final at the contest Battle Of The Bands, which is held in Herning at 17th of April. next the band was chosen to participate in the danish Live W:O:A Metal Battle 2015, amongst 40 bands and with only 10 to go to the live shows. EMBRYO will play live i Kolding at the 13th of may and in Esbjerg at the 15th of may, and hopefully go all the way to final.

EMBRYO will also participate in the world spanning contest EMERGENZA and play in Århus at the 5th of Marts. So you cannot miss to see the mighty EMBRYO somewhere in Denmark.

And finally they have began recording martial to the their second EP, to be released in the near future.


EMBRYO on facebook.

EMBRYO on Spotify.

XANTOM album re-release! (01-02-2015)

Popshit Records are proud to announce that we just re-released the epic XANTOM album, recorded in our in house studio and originally released in the year 2005.

The album did pretty well on the charts and the hit Single "Miss You" was no.1 one several charts including MTV Nordic, and chart in Finland and Holland.

So check this great album out on Spotify, or buy it at iTunes.

XANTOM  on Spotify.

XANTOM at Itunes.

Divided By Numbers buy it at Stereo Studiet (26-01-2015)

After our great release party at Café Von Hatten, we are now proud to announce that the vinyl EP now is out now in STEREO STUDIO everywhere around Denmark, so don't hesitate to go down  to your local shop and buy it for only 80 Dkr.

WEBSITE LAUNCH! (02-01-2015)

Welcome to the Popshit Records website - take a tour and learn what we are all about.

Take a good look at all our artists, listen to the music and if you hear something you like

don't be shy, tell us about it, visit us at facebook and "like" us, and maby find the music you like at iTunes. And of course stay tuned for more news and updates here on the site.

Please enjoy!

Popshit Records on Facebook.

Divided By Numbers Vinyl release! (02-01-2015)

Thursday 22nd of january you are invited to join our release party at Café Von Hatten, Vonhattenstræde 7, 8900 Randers C (Denmark). The party starts at 19.30 PM, and you can experience small acostic live sets from artists such as Jesper Søndermark, Divided By Numbers etc. You can have a meet & Greet with the band and buy a signed copy of the Vinyl.

Hope to see you there.

Divided By Numbers on facebook.

Divided By Numbers on Spotify.

Divided By Numbers at Itunes.

EMBRYO EP release! (02-01-2015)

Stoner Rock act EMBRYO are now available as digital streaming on Spotify and other digitale platforms, and  also on Itunes. Embryo plays an hard and heavy mixture of Heavy Metal and stoner Rock, a must for any fans of Black Sabbath, Alice In Chanis etc.


EMBRYO on facebook.

EMBRYO on Spotify.

Power Mode recording debut EP! (02-01-2015)

The 4 youngsters are now set to record their debut EP at Popshit Studio in January. The aim is 4-5 tracks and it will end up as a EP for digital download, the release is set primo  march 2015. Stay tuned for more info.

Power Mode on facebook.