Our in-house sound studio “Popshit Studio” is a fully professional recording studio located in the centre of Randers.

The studio was formed in 2003 by members from local bands such as Natural Born Hippies, Diskofil and Clonecircle.


Our production team works professionally with all artists, spanning from demos to full length albums, and we work with all music genre from pop, rock, HipHop, R’N’B, Jazz, Folk to Heavy Metal and EDM.

We work with  manly with UNIVERSAL AUDIO products.

We have a long list of productions through the years, including: The Blue Van, Dúné, Natural Born Hippies, Xantom, Clonecircle Power Mode, Dionesia, Escape 42, Divided By Numbers, Hiroshima Seven, Retro Future, Fairlane,

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Check out some videos from bands recording here:

Dionesia - Promo video

Escape 42 - Lifeline studio video